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Computer Repair & Upgrades

Diagnostics, Repair & Upgrades

Is your computer running slow or maybe not enough memory? Do you need a computer specialist to look at it? Well you are in the right place we can repair, install, upgrade your computer at affordable prices. Why not give us a call today and let us work on your machine. Have trouble travelling? No need to worry we collect and return your computer.

Computer Hardware & Software

Computer upgrades Repairs Hardware installations Software problems Custom PC Built Commercial repairs Laptop DC socket repairs Laptop screen replacement Data recovery Virus, Spyware fix/recovery Computer restore

Data Recovery

At Australian Digital Designs, we understand how important your data is. With more than 10 years experience we are a company you can rely on.  This is why we offer an immediate technical analysis, a free no obligation quote and an emergency service for critical recoveries. Our experience and technology ensures that the chances of success for your critical data are unrivalled.   Our data recovery process is completely transparent. You will be kept informed throughout the recovery process by a dedicated consultant. We will thoroughly analyse your hard drive to establish the extent of the data loss, before providing you with a fixed quote for the recovery
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General Maintenance

Computer service PC health check  

Internet / Networking

Broadband setup Home networking Game console wireless setup  


Computer tuition

Service Methods Remote - Computer Services we can do via online connection. You must have high speed Internet and a working computer. Watch us work or unattended support is available. Carry-in - Bring your computer into our site for service or repair and we will call you when it is done. On Site - We come to your location within our service area and complete the computer services you need. Emergency Service - When you have a problem that cannot wait, we will make your problem a priority. After hours service rates apply. Australian Digital Designs

Phone Micro SD Card

SD Card

CF Card

Flash Drive

SATA & IDE Internal

Hard Drives

Western Digital

External Hard Drives

Seagate External

Hard Drives

Self Powered

External Hard Drives

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We can recover data from

Formatted Disks Click Drives Accidentally deleted files
Deliberately deleted files Recover lost files USB Drives
Thumb Drives Camera SD Cards iPhone (limmited but very possible)
External hard drives Some RAID drives Android coming soon

What we can’t do

Burnt up drives Physically damaged drives If the drive doesn’t spin up

We won’t pretend that you can always recover data, but we will exhaust all cost effective methods possible in the pursuite

Hardware & Data Recovery